Artificial intelligence for classifieds

Certy Ad Builder is the comprehensive solution for selling clothes online, enabling privacy protection for sellers and streamlining the ad creation process.


Certy AI is an artificial intelligence system for anti-fraud moderation and automatic ad creation.

The beginning
Every day, our operators had to deal with different scam schemes and methods used by scammers to steal money remotely.
We trained our Certy AI machine on the job our operators have done over the years. We created an automated moderation system that identifies human scams.
Following the trends in the second-hand market and the dynamics of the fashion sector, we have developed Certy Ad Builder to make selling second-hand clothing easier, safer, and more private.


Why choose 
Certy AD Builder

Face anonymization
It anonymizes faces while keeping bodies unchanged to show the clothes for sale.
Protected location
The context and the location in which the photo was taken are anonymized.
Smart descriptions
The AI system recognizes the item for sale and generates a detailed description.
Price suggestion
The price can be automatically suggested based on the data known by the AI.
Global selling
The description is translated into other languages to reach a wider audience.
The AI system performs checks to ensure the absence of illicit content.


Automated moderation

Ads control
In order to report suspicious activity, our system learns your advertisers' habits and compares them with ours.
Messaging control
There are many pitfalls hidden in the logic of conversations. Certy AI helps your users have a clear and productive exchange.
User account control
Users leave tracks on the web. By analyzing their past behavior, AI provides feedback on their trustworthiness.
Payment control
With the help of millions of data and machine learning, Certy AI verifies transactions by controlling both buyer and seller.


Certy API integration

Adding Certy is quick and easy. You can use our API or we can offer you customized solutions for the perfect implementation.

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