At Certy, our commitment to web security has been unwavering. Initially, our focus was on protecting buyers from scams in the second-hand market. We offered a verification service for purchases and used Certy AI to identify fraudulent ads on classified websites. Recognizing the evolving needs of online selling, we’ve now extended our services to cater to sellers, particularly those in the second-hand clothing market.

Introducing the Certy Ad Builder

Our latest innovation, the Certy Ad Builder, is a testament to our dedication to privacy and security in online transactions. This service leverages artificial intelligence to empower sellers with a unique tool for maintaining their anonymity while selling clothes online.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple yet powerful:
1. Photo Privacy: Sellers can take photos of themselves wearing the clothes they wish to sell. The Certy Ad Builder then anonymizes their faces in these photos while leaving the rest of the body untouched. This approach ensures that the clothing is displayed accurately without compromising the seller’s identity.
2. Location Concealment: In addition to protecting identities, our system also secures the seller’s location, adding another layer of privacy.
3. Auto-Generated Ad Content: The AI doesn’t stop at the photo. It also automatically identifies the item being sold and crafts a descriptive text for the ad. This feature is particularly helpful as it saves time and enhances the ad’s appeal.
4. Language Support: Understanding the global nature of online sales, the Certy Ad Builder offers translation services for the ad content, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Why Choose Certy Ad Builder?

The Certy Ad Builder is more than just a tool; it’s a solution for the modern online seller who values privacy and security. It simplifies the selling process, offers peace of mind, and ensures that your personal information stays private.

In conclusion, with the introduction of the Certy Ad Builder, we at Certy are redefining the landscape of online second-hand clothing sales. We’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re ensuring they’re safe, private, and user-friendly. Try the Certy Ad Builder today and experience a new era of secure online selling.