Hello, it is nice to find you here. We are Certy, a company founded in 2018 with the goal of preventing online scams. Initially, our main goal was to help customers purchase second-hand items remotely from all major Italian classified ads. In this article, we want to introduce you to Certy AI, a new project we have just started. Enjoy the reading!

A look at Certy’s beginnings

Our Certies, that’s what we called our operators, dealt with different types of fraud every day. Second-hand items were physically verified to determine if the aids were accurate or fraudulent. Based on their experiences and ours, we started our new project. The goal this time was to create a procedure to detect scams and to decide whether or not to ask the operator to physically inspect the object.

Knowing the classifieds industry as well as the behaviors of scammers, we thought we could help people avoid online frauds, which would prevent them from wasting time and money. This is why we developed Certy AI, our automated moderation system.

Through creating an automated system that recognizes human scams, we trained the machine to do the job that our operators did over the years.

Certy AI is specifically designed for classifieds

Having worked closely with these businesses, we created a system that is able to address all the security concerns of our subscribers.

The automated moderation system inspects the ads and learns about the users’ habits. Using this data in conjunction with our database of scammers’ behavioral patterns, we can spot scams.

Using this method, we can also control the accounts by analyzing their online tracks, giving feedback on their trustworthiness.

Our system also includes features such as messaging and payment controls, which allow us to provide a safe experience for classified customers.

Certy AI best advantage: it is easy and quick to implement

Certy AI has the benefit of being easily implemented on every platform in a very versatile manner: the client can choose whether to implement it with or without APIs.

Currently, Certy AI has been tested in Italy with some of the largest classified websites. With a very low rate of false positives, the results were extremely satisfactory and promising. Almost every scam ad was detected by the tool.

When compared to those of other similar existing services, our results were even more favorable, which made us pretty excited.

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